EnviroCare Cleanup & Restoration Newest Location in Houston TX

EnviroCare Cleanup & Restoration Houston TX

EnviroCare Houston Texas

EnviroCare Cleanup & Restoration is proud to announce the expansion of the service area from the east coast to the mid-west, starting a new branch in Houston TX.

As a leader in the restoration industry, EnviroCare is committed to bring the same quality service east coast home owners enjoyed for the past 20 years, to the Houston location. The new operation manager, Dan McKenzie, is an experienced mold removal expert and has worked in the water damage restoration industry for over 10 years. “Houstonians have a lot of mold to remove and we’re here to help” , says Dan to the new crew in the Houston location. Its a fact that Houston has very high moisture content in the air and in homes, causing many mold growth cases.

Mold Prevention In Houston TX

EnviroCare will be focusing on mold remediation in Houston but more on mold prevention. With high humidity year round, Houston homes are more likely to have mold growing back, even after a mold remediation process. There are products that would prevent the growth of mold for over 10 years, when applied correctly. Houston area residence should be aware of the facts and take steps to prevent mold in their home.

Air Duct Cleaning In Houston TX

Most air duct systems in the Houston are in danger of having mold growth if not cleaned and maintained regularly. Air duct cleaning is a simple process and should be preformed every year in the

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