How Does Mold Effect The Human Body?

mold effects on body

Mold Can Bring On Cases Of Asthma

Currently there are ongoing studies with regard to the impact mold has on the human body. Most logic would suggest, however that mold can not be good for human health. Household mold has been show in a medical sense to cause sickness to varying degrees and levels. In fact, mounting evidence suggests that mold does irritate asthma in those with a diagnosed case, while it has even been suggested that mold can bring on cases of asthma that would not have otherwise occurred. From nausea to headaches and fatigue, the incidence of a full range of disorders increases with prolonged exposure to mold. Young people and elderly people are especially prone to contracting illnesses because of mold exposure.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome May Be Associated With Ongoing Exposure To Mold

Because mold spores are introduced into the body via the lungs, respiratory conditions are common. Some studies have also suggested that chronic fatigue syndrome may be associated with ongoing exposure to mold. The primary types of mold include penicillium and aspergillus. Other kinds of mold like the type you see growing in your bath tube or shower is generally harmless. One of the best ways to stay proactive with regard to mold is to have air ducting and air vents cleaned by a professional air duct cleaning service at least once per year. Enviro Care Pros is a leader in air duct cleaning and can provide a free estimate when you are ready to have the ducts in your home professionally cleaned. Stay one step ahead of mold and have your ducts cleaned regularly.

Understanding Water Damage Restoration


Water Damage Is A Big Problem

There are a number of situations that can cause water damage in a home of business that would require water damage restoration services. For example, as natural disasters are on the rise, there has been a growing number of incidences of water damage related cases around the country. While water damage is a big problem, the resulting troubles associated with water type damage can be even more concerning. Mold and other kinds of micro-growth that spreads over time can be a serious health concern. From mold removal to air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning and water damage, getting a handle on mold before it becomes a problem is of vital importance as a way to ensure that everyone in a structure remains healthy. Keeping your personal environment free of contaminants helps to ensure that you and your family enjoy the best air quality possible.

Adequate Waterproofing In Place

Other important considerations with regard to maintaining a healthy indoor environment in a home or business includes ensuring that a structure has complete waterproofing. While there is always the option of having water damage restoration done when a serious water event has occurred, one of the best ways to avoid the necessity of having this type of work performed is to make certain that your building or structure has adequate waterproofing in place. When serious water damage does indeed happen, restoration services typically include emergency plumbing, expert water extraction services, deep cleaning of carpets, highly specialized infrared inspections using thermal equipment as well as techniques design to create rapid and thorough structural drying.


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