EnviroCare Mold Removal Guide

Mold Removal Guide

This video is a short summery of things you need to know before hiring a mold removal company. This guide will explain the important key facts you have to ask your mold removal service provider, so you could make an educated decision about your project.

Please contact us for any questions about your mold removal project.

Black Mold In Maryland Workplace

Black Mold in the Workplace

Maryland metro area houses many office buildings serving as a workplace for hundreds of thousands of office staff members. Most workplaces are a very safe environment, loaded with the latest comforts of modern office designs and features. Office spaces became so comfortable, its hard to imagine it as being a hazardous environment. A leaking pipe in the  main restroom changed that reality for Jack Hezman, a senior lending adviser for the firm.When complaints arose from office staff members, about strange physical symptoms in a small Rockville office, EnviroCare was hired to investigate a possible black mold infestation.

Black Mold In Maryland Workplace

Jack started to display an array of symptoms like a rash, headaches and watery eyes, in the past few weeks. Thinking he was alone, Jack took a few days off and stayed home. The symptoms subsided and he went back to work, only to have the same rash reappear. Other staffers started having issues like runny nose, sneezing and fatigue.

An EnviroCare inspection with a thermal imaging camera reviled a pin hole leak in the restroom caused extensive water damage in the walls, that led to black mold to grow and infest the office.

“I thought I was loosing my mind, I never imagined black mold could make me sick like that”

Toxic mold is becoming a real issue for employers with raising awareness for mold effects. Some employees are going as far as suing the workplace or refusing to work in offices with mold problems.

After preforming a mold remediation process and testing the air for black mold, the Maryland office passed the clearance test. EnviroCare Cleanup & Restoration  allowed employees to go back to work with confidence.




EnviroCare Reviews Restoration Work of Competing Companies

EnviroCare Cleanup & Restoration is well established in the Washington DC, Maryland & VA area as a leading restoration company with superior expertise in the water damage and mold remediation field.

Home owners left with mold remediation projects turned sour, often call EnviroCare experts to review and inspect competitor’s work and find a solution to the harder to solve mold dilemmas.

In the restoration world, knowledge is power. After over 20  years of experience in mold removal and water damage restoration, EnviroCare takes the lead in knowing how to bring a building to the best safe results you would expect from a professional.

EnviroCare Cleanup & Restoration Newest Location in Houston TX

EnviroCare Cleanup & Restoration Houston TX

EnviroCare Houston Texas

EnviroCare Cleanup & Restoration is proud to announce the expansion of the service area from the east coast to the mid-west, starting a new branch in Houston TX.

As a leader in the restoration industry, EnviroCare is committed to bring the same quality service east coast home owners enjoyed for the past 20 years, to the Houston location. The new operation manager, Dan McKenzie, is an experienced mold removal expert and has worked in the water damage restoration industry for over 10 years. “Houstonians have a lot of mold to remove and we’re here to help” , says Dan to the new crew in the Houston location. Its a fact that Houston has very high moisture content in the air and in homes, causing many mold growth cases.

Mold Prevention In Houston TX

EnviroCare will be focusing on mold remediation in Houston but more on mold prevention. With high humidity year round, Houston homes are more likely to have mold growing back, even after a mold remediation process. There are products that would prevent the growth of mold for over 10 years, when applied correctly. Houston area residence should be aware of the facts and take steps to prevent mold in their home.

Air Duct Cleaning In Houston TX

Most air duct systems in the Houston are in danger of having mold growth if not cleaned and maintained regularly. Air duct cleaning is a simple process and should be preformed every year in the