EnviroCare Mold Removal Guide

Mold Removal Guide

This video is a short summery of things you need to know before hiring a mold removal company. This guide will explain the important key facts you have to ask your mold removal service provider, so you could make an educated decision about your project.

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Water Damage in Maryland Homes

Water Damage in Maryland Homes

There are lots of causes of water damage in Maryland Homes. Some of the major causes of water damages in homes are known to be caused either by the broken pipes, appliances which have malfunctioned, drains which have been blocked and any other cause. The best way of treating water damage normally depends with the type and cause of damage. Most of the water damage is normally known to contain very harmful contaminants which at times can be very hazardous to both our health and environment, like mold or bacteria.

The process of restoring water damage in Maryland homes is normally determined by the speed at which either the building or the property can always be dried up. There is normally a very high risk of growing mold in case the area is not dried up in either one or two days. Mold normally have a very negative effect to our environment as it’s known to have a negative effect on our air quality, especially indoors.

What to do in case of water damage

The following is a list of processes one can always perform in case of water damage in Maryland Homes.

  • Always have the wet areas ventilated. In case its summer, always turn on the airWater Damage Maryland conditioning to accelerate drying while during the winter you will always have the need of open the windows.
  • Always remove any standing water by either vacuuming, mopping or sponging.
  • In case a wall has been affected by water damage, you have to remove any of the paintings or art work
  • Remove the saturated rugs and carpets when the hard wood floors are at risk.
  • For drying to occur on the inside cabinets and drawers, always open them up.


There are also some things one should stop doing in case of water damage. They include;


  • Stop using the TVs or any other type of appliances while they are standing on a wet carpet or floor. This can always cause very serious injuries.
  • Stop using heat in order to dry up any wet area. This may result in mildew or extend moisture to dry areas.
  • Always avoid leaving the wet bricks in place. Always have them spaced apart and dried up as soon as possible.


Some of the services you can always seek out for incase of a water damage in Maryland includes;


  • Complete removal of water
  • Drying and Dehumidifying
  • Sanitization and disinfection of the water damaged area
  • The removal of any mold
  • Remodeling and structural repairs




Understanding Water Damage Restoration


Water Damage Is A Big Problem

There are a number of situations that can cause water damage in a home of business that would require water damage restoration services. For example, as natural disasters are on the rise, there has been a growing number of incidences of water damage related cases around the country. While water damage is a big problem, the resulting troubles associated with water type damage can be even more concerning. Mold and other kinds of micro-growth that spreads over time can be a serious health concern. From mold removal to air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning and water damage, getting a handle on mold before it becomes a problem is of vital importance as a way to ensure that everyone in a structure remains healthy. Keeping your personal environment free of contaminants helps to ensure that you and your family enjoy the best air quality possible.

Adequate Waterproofing In Place

Other important considerations with regard to maintaining a healthy indoor environment in a home or business includes ensuring that a structure has complete waterproofing. While there is always the option of having water damage restoration done when a serious water event has occurred, one of the best ways to avoid the necessity of having this type of work performed is to make certain that your building or structure has adequate waterproofing in place. When serious water damage does indeed happen, restoration services typically include emergency plumbing, expert water extraction services, deep cleaning of carpets, highly specialized infrared inspections using thermal equipment as well as techniques design to create rapid and thorough structural drying.


EnviroCare is one of the premier cleanup and restoration service providers in the entire country.Offering safe and effective Echo friendly products and techniques designed to create a healthy living environment. EnviroCare has helped countless homeowners and business owners with mold cleanup and restoration services.



Black Mold In Maryland Workplace

Black Mold in the Workplace

Maryland metro area houses many office buildings serving as a workplace for hundreds of thousands of office staff members. Most workplaces are a very safe environment, loaded with the latest comforts of modern office designs and features. Office spaces became so comfortable, its hard to imagine it as being a hazardous environment. A leaking pipe in the  main restroom changed that reality for Jack Hezman, a senior lending adviser for the firm.When complaints arose from office staff members, about strange physical symptoms in a small Rockville office, EnviroCare was hired to investigate a possible black mold infestation.

Black Mold In Maryland Workplace

Jack started to display an array of symptoms like a rash, headaches and watery eyes, in the past few weeks. Thinking he was alone, Jack took a few days off and stayed home. The symptoms subsided and he went back to work, only to have the same rash reappear. Other staffers started having issues like runny nose, sneezing and fatigue.

An EnviroCare inspection with a thermal imaging camera reviled a pin hole leak in the restroom caused extensive water damage in the walls, that led to black mold to grow and infest the office.

“I thought I was loosing my mind, I never imagined black mold could make me sick like that”

Toxic mold is becoming a real issue for employers with raising awareness for mold effects. Some employees are going as far as suing the workplace or refusing to work in offices with mold problems.

After preforming a mold remediation process and testing the air for black mold, the Maryland office passed the clearance test. EnviroCare Cleanup & Restoration  allowed employees to go back to work with confidence.




EnviroCare Reviews Restoration Work of Competing Companies

EnviroCare Cleanup & Restoration is well established in the Washington DC, Maryland & VA area as a leading restoration company with superior expertise in the water damage and mold remediation field.

Home owners left with mold remediation projects turned sour, often call EnviroCare experts to review and inspect competitor’s work and find a solution to the harder to solve mold dilemmas.

In the restoration world, knowledge is power. After over 20  years of experience in mold removal and water damage restoration, EnviroCare takes the lead in knowing how to bring a building to the best safe results you would expect from a professional.

EnviroCare is Now the Newest Member of the EAA

EnviroCare & The Environmental Assessment Associations

EAA Certified Firm

EnviroCare Cleanup & Restoration is now the newest member of the Environmental Assessment Association. EAA members adhere to higher level of industry standards and go through meticulous background checks to insure each one is a high quality, educated professional.

The Environmental Assessment Association (EAA) is an international organization dedicated to providing members with information and education in the environmental industry . EAA represents thousands of environmental professionals who provide services to a wide variety of clients including lenders, federal & state agencies along with private companies.

EAA Membership and Environmental Impact

As part of the EAA membership, EnviroCare employees have to comply with strict regulations and uphold industry standards and ethical conduct. EnviroCare is one of many water damage restoration companies in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Using environmentally safe cleaning practices with zero environmental impact is one of the reasons for EnviroCare’s popularity with the local community.

As mold removal and water damage gains more and more awareness with US home owners, many uncertified cleaning companies claim to be professional restorers but end up doing more harm then good. Its time to establish some ethical ground rules for cleaning companies, to ensure indoor air is kept harmless after an mold removal or water damage project.


Water Damage & Mold Removal

Water Damage

No one can anticipate a flash flood, storm or a burst pipe, worst off are the damages left behind by the water. If not recovered rapidly  water damage may result in rapid mold growth that will require professional mold removal. Water will go in to all building materials if you let it. After working as a specialist at EnviroCare Water Damage Restoration for over 10 years, I’ve learned water has a mind of its own and even after so long in the water damage industry, water still manage to surprise me.

Removing Black Mold Safely

If you have black mold growth, you will need to take steps to remove it ASAP. The EPA has issued new guidelines for “do it yourself ” mold removal projects if you want to take the risk of exposing yourself or others to toxic molds. The guidelines for professional mold removal companies, devised by the IICRC, are much stricter to ensure minimal exposure to mold toxins. A safe mold removal project should include:

Black Mold

  • Careful removal of infected building materials
  • Creating barriers to prevent contamination
  • HEPA Filtration to purify the air
  • Moisture detection & monitoring 
  • Dehumidification 
  • Mold Testing
  • Mold cleanup, treatment & prevention

EnviroCare is obligated to follow the IICRC S500 and S520 standards for water damage and mold remediation. Following those standards ensures the safety of the occupants dwelling in the property and prevents re-occurrence of mold growth.